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If you do not wish to speak to your GP about this, you could go to one of the NHS drop in centres, or your nearest Family Planning Clinic.

There are many myths concerning contraception and they are not to be believed. STIs are passed on through bodily fluids, like saliva, blood and sexual fluids (eg sperm).

You catch an STI by having sex or oral sex with someone who’s infected.

All levels of sexual activity include some risk that’s why they call it having safer sex. Sex is fun but having fun is also about playing it safer. You only have to have had unprotected sex once to get an STI.

If you have unprotected sex (that’s sex without a condom or using other contraception) then you’re putting yourself at risk of getting an STI or if you’re a young woman, of getting pregnant. Just because you've been with someone for a while, don't give up using a condom until you've both had a check-up.

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