Does speed dating really work

Some participants made no choices at all, while those who did choose were less likely to select the consensually preferred mate option."We think it has to do with the way that humans tend to go about making judgments, that is, we have a tendency to make relative judgments rather than absolute judgments," explained Lenton.

"We compare options to one another rather than to some abstract ideal, so the more dates one goes on, the more one perceives/detects variety among the options."Prior research indicates non-human animals also make poor choices, or none at all, when confronted with too much variety.

Speed dating presents individuals with such an unnatural number of choices that people either usually avoid making selections or choose the wrong person, according to a study in the latest Royal Society Biology Letters.

The findings indicate people, and also non-human animals can only handle so much variety before decision-making skills fall apart.

Up for a laugh, people embraced the novelty, and tried it.

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