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I don’t know anyone who would turn down an opportunity to eat some Mc Donalds fries, do you? If you’re eating, you don’t have to talk the entire time.

And don’t worry about whether other folks will want to eat at Chubby’s Barbecue or the Carriage House Inn or Stavros Pizza or China Wok. You can actually fill those awkward silences with another bite of hummus or a spoonful of egg drop soup. Go down to the nearest Starbucks and order yourself a tall half-skinny half-one percent extra hot split quad shot in a venti cup with the room filled with whipped cream and chocolate sauce drizzled on top.

" Fear always prevented me from doing my greatest work.

City times emu and find another order for the children eligible black men are in short supply, but you can attract and keep one.

By the way, the folks you’re interested in getting to know better are a hoot, too. There are little plastic buckets and maybe a Tonka truck inside the sandbox, and you’re building a sand city to demolish later. That kid in that sandbox isn’t someone who will one day break your heart, jump up and down on it, and hand it back to you. If you go through the sandbox of life with an open mind, you can see other folks as folks, nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes I got a nibble, sometimes I got a strike, and occasionally, I caught one.