Ms access updating and viewing record

Also what about dates that don't exist in the following month. I've encountered a strange error when attempting to update a Share Point 2010 list that I have linked to via Microsoft Access 2010.When the Choose Builder window appears, highlight Code Builder. Next, place code on the On Current event to manually requery the subform.

Ole Db Command Dim ds New Row As Data Row Dim row As Collection ds New Row = ds. New Row() ds New Row.item("Emp_fname") = Row(inc).item(3) ds New Row.item("Emp_sname") = Row(inc).item(4) ds.

Update(ds, "staaff_records") Msg Box("New Record Added") End If End Sub Private Sub btn BACK_Click(By Val sender As System.

Close Set rs = Nothing Set qdf = Nothing Set db = Nothing End If End Sub The results from the Immediate Window appear as follows.

allow you to Open MS Access database file ( ACCDB or MDB (Jet) format.) on your Android Device,you can view table records with Paging, Sorting and Filtering Support Microsoft Access 2000/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016.

How about either an explanation on what you did, or better yet, the code on how you did it. Click Dim Response As Dialog Result Response = Message Box.